Complete Starter Feeds

1st Step-Devenish Safestart-  A sticky meal and pellet mix carefully formulated to provide high levels of milk and essential nutrients to the newly weaned pig.

2nd Step- Transition Feed-   A 20% Protein Pig Starter medicated with Denegard. For pigs weighing less than 17#

3rd Step- Phase 2 Complete- A 20% Protein Pig Starter Medicated with Denegard. For pigs weighing 17-25#

4th Step- Phase 3 Complete- A 21% Pig Starter for pigs weighing 25-50# *Not a floor stock item (If you need a small                                                                                                                                                                    quantity we reccomend a 50/50 blend of  Phase 2 Complete, and Show pig 50-100)

Starter Premix

If you prefer to mix your own starter feed, we carry several premixes,  as well as the bagged ingredients needed to mix a complete and balanced pig starter feed.