Chicken Feed


17% Layer

Our Homemade Layer Feed, Includes all the nutrition your chickens need to maximize egg production.

* We reccomend feeding your Laying hens 22% Chick Starter Grower until they reach 8 weeks of age* 

22% Chick Starter Grower

Our Homemade Chick Starter/Grower formulated to give you a Healthy Fast growing Bird.

*Medicated with AMPROLIUM- Amprolium is not an antibiotic, it is a coccidiostat intended to prevent outbreaks of coccidiosis in poultry. 

17% Layer- Hubbard

A 17% Layer Crumble manufactured by Hubbard Feeds

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Homestead Fastgrow- Hubbard

A 20% Starter/Grower Crumble Manufactured by  Hubbard Feeds

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Premixes and Concentrates

Want to use your own corn and make your own chicken feed? We have several premixes and concentrates available! Contact us and we will help you decide which is the best fit for you!

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